Hear me for once

Hear me for once,
I want you to listen without complaining
To hear me out, without arguing,
To sit with me, without judging.
To smile at my words, without misinterpreting.

Hear me for once,
For my words, are never meant to hurt you
For my intentions, are not to disturb you
For my actions,  are in favour to support you.

Hear me for once,
And in return I will hear you.
About your struggles and ideas
With no complaints or disturbance.

And together we shall talk, and not to demean each  other
but to understand ourselves.
-Sariya Ahmad


  1. That notion of talking to understand is such a wonderfully reflective idea, I love this piece as an invitation to communicate. Lots of poetry uses the first person in quite an alienating way, but this is so easily applied to a reader or reader's partner, very well done.

    Did you spend much time in the editing process, or is it quite a raw piece?

    Again, a lovely read, thank you!

    1. Thank you very much, for such a beautiful feedback.
      It bought smile on my face!

      "Hear me for once" is one of those midnight thoughts that lingers till you write it!!


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